Sunday, June 19, 2011

Minnow Bucket Lamp

I really like the idea of making a minnow bucket into a lamp. It goes with a fishing theme but is still vintage too. I can bring the curtain and/or bedding fabric into the lampshade too. I thought I had a unique idea but a quick google image search showed it's not original at all, really cute though.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dancing Green

Is it just me, or is green paint especially hard to choose? I love green, it reminds me of nature and I would love to use it in the cabin if I can just get the color right. I'm trying to find a green light enough to go with pretty country pastels, but not too light to change it to a more masculine look later. I've tried green paint in the past and it came out both times lighter than I imagined. I'm trying not to do that again, but I want the room lighter/brighter. This is Sherwinn-William's Dancing Green, I keep coming back to it, over and over.

SW Dancing Green with Leather Brown Trim

SW Dancing Green with White Trim

Maybe Apple Green

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's None Of My Business What Other People Think Of Me

It's None Of My Business What Other People Think Of Me
Hard to learn but the truth is - when someone looks at you and doesn't like something about you, what they are really seeing is a reflection of something they dislike about themselves!
It has nothing to do with us as a person, and we shouldn't take insults or judgments from other people personally. These people are insecure in their life and are saying these things to make themselves (actually their egos) feel "bigger and better" than you.
If you are a people pleaser, but feel deep-seated resentment in doing so, you need to remember it is impossible to make everyone happy with the choices we make. If you worry about getting everyone’s approval, you’ll never get anywhere. It will consume all of your time and energy and drain you of the ability to move on in your life.
In fact if you find yourself obsessing over what someone may or may not be thinking about you, you likely have control issues. You may be living under the assumption that by behaving in a certain way, you are somehow controlling what people will think of you. But it's an illusion. What people "think" is always about them. That's just the way the human brain works.

I should add:   I'm not saying we shouldn't care about other people. I'm speaking specifically about what other people think about us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, and More Blue

I used Sherwin-William's Visualizer to 'paint' my room, it's really cool. I thought I wanted some shade of green, but couldn't find anything that looked right. I wonder if one of these blues might work. 
The cabin is small enough (14'x24') that if I get the paint right, I can re-decorate it often by just changing the bedding, curtains, and maybe the wall art, depending on the season or who my guests are. Family for different holidays, friends during the summer, and my husband's hunting and fishing buddies too.
I want to have fun with it I guess, like a little doll house where I can play 'decorator'.
I have a little wood and crafts shop is in the barn below, and I love rustic crafts and making things from barnwood. I look forward to making curtains and maybe even a slipcover for the sofa if I can get my nerve up (have you seen the cheap drop cloth slip covers everyone is making lately?).

These 3 colors are fairly neutral I think, but are they boring? I want the cabin to be fun and a little different.

Powder Blue SW 2863

Refuge SW 6228

These next 3 colors are richer and brighter, maybe more fun, but will they get old quick, and will they go with my 'rustic' stuff?
Adrift SW 7608
Georgian Bay SW 6509

Dignity Blue SW 6804
If you have a favorite or can suggest a green (or any color) that won't clash with red accents I might use occationally, please leave me a comment.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rustic Tin Fence

From House Revivals 2010 I don't know why.... but I love it. It's like a recycled work of art!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snake In The Grass!

So not everything is perfect with country life. This is the 2nd snake we've found this week. This drought (more than 100 days without a drop of rain) has really got them moving I guess. The 1st one we found, was actually at the sliding glass door to the house, trying to get in! This one was crossing the yard headed toward the dog's yard. If I had video-ed Derick when he shot and missed and had to run back in to get another shell, I could win $10,000! It looked like he was doing an impression of Captain Jack from Pirate's Of The Caribbean! Arm's over his head, knees tipped out and high-steppin' it to the house, not the most masculine thing I've ever seen for sure! I hadn't realized when he missed, it went right for him and he didn't have another shell! Neither were poisonous, but both big enough to be a danger to my squirrel "Ike" and my little chihuahuas (not to mention my heart).

Progress on the "Hay Loft" Apt.

I finished grouting the tile in the bathroom... finally! Derick brought me a shop vac so I took more pictures with the place cleaned up a little better. Dad's on his way over to help me hang and trim out the bathroom door. I bought light fixtures from Lowe's. Still yuck on paint though....

Below is the wall I thought I would put the bed against.

Need to decide on paint for the walls and cabinets, I hate everything I've sampled so far though. I'm thinking I can get a small sofa or comfy chair on the wall below.

 Here's my first tile job ever, not bad. This tile is from The Tile Store called 'Verde', it was only 44 cents a square foot!