Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY Vinyl Plank Flooring

I got the bathroom floor put down in the loft. We used vinyl peel and stick plank flooring because it was cheap, easy to cut and install, and I can get it at Lowe's down the road. I'm very happy with the wood look.
I didn't cover the floor under where the vanity will sit. 
I wanted to save as much vinyl planking as I could just in case I cut any wrong.

This is the Henry 547 I leveled the floor with. It was easy to work with and sand-able so you can knock down any ridges or mistakes and spread another thin layer! I used "the pink stuff" quickset some years ago and it dried so fast it was a nightmare! Also the pink stuff is NOT sand-able like the Henry 547 is.

When it was completely dry I applied the adhesive primer to ensure the peel and stick vinyl planks adhere well. I will add the name of it when I find it.

 Gunstock Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring from Lowe's. For straight cuts I used a square and box cutter to score the topside then bend the tiles to easily break them. I used a pair of scissors to do some extra trimming around the door frame and trim.

Each wood-look plank is 6"W x 48"L -  $.88 sq ft. with 20 planks per box 
but you can buy them by the plank to get exactly what you need.

Cocoa approves....
Pictures of vanity cabinet make-over soon.

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