Friday, November 22, 2013

Bringing New Meaning To 'A Chorus Of Crickets'

You've never heard a chorus of crickets sound like this! Absolutely beautiful. A soundtrack of crickets at normal speed is overlayed with the same soundtrack but slowed down to equal a human lifetime. If I didn't know it was crickets I would have thought I was listening to a church choir.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Barn Loft Studio Apt - Collage

This a collage of the studio apt we built in the loft of our barn. It's just one part of a whole 'off-grid backyard retreat' we're working on. We'll be adding a bathroom to the barn and a funky greenhouse/outdoor shower that can use conventional or solar hot water. Someday we plan to build us a tiny sustainable off-grid home, so in the meantime we're learning and trying to become more sustainable here. We've been hit by two hurricanes since we moved here - both times going more than five weeks without power. We'll add a few more tiny cabins/sleeping quarters that use solar and other alternative energy. In the aftermath of another hurricane and power outage we'll move out of the big house, and into our backyard retreat, where we can efficiently generate enough renewable energy to keep our tiny cabins lit, cooled, completely functional with or without city utilities.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Loft

 kitchen still needs a back-splash

 and counter-top trim

bathroom still needs wall treatment or paint and vanity needs doors or maybe I'll make curtains

 windows need sills and trim

 painted plywood floors for now

 The back of the barn - upstairs entrance to loft

from the barn looking back at my house

 barn art lol

view of the front of the barn

hammock and a fire pit

view from my house - barn in the back