The Barn We Built

It's a 33 x 24 barn on a concrete slab. It's built entirely by us, family, and friends, but especially my Dad. We haven't gotten in any hurry, we just work on it when we can.
I'm proud we built it ourselves and for very little because we used reclaimed lumber whenever we could. After Hurricane Rita, damaged fencing was everywhere so we helped cleanup and reused the fence pickets to clad the barn! I still need to finish the trim. 
I like the way it looks like it's been here a long time. I enjoy crafts and making things like birdhouses, signs, shelves, so it's great.
It has the usual stuff like a workbench and storage area, but I want it to look and feel like a rustic lodge. There's a beer light hanging over Derick's pool table, his dart board in the corner, and deer horns all over the place. I also want to use some salvaged corrugated tin I have as wainscoting, add a couple of rustic tables, hutch for a tv, and some comfy outdoor furniture. The downstairs is my husband's "man cave". It will also be a great place for parties and family get-together's. We plan to attach a funky outdoor bath/greenhouse later, and we're almost finished with a guest apartment upstairs. See more pictures of the apt here - "The Hayloft".

View from the back with the guest house over it. It looks out into the woods behind us.

I have a little workbench for my crafts, my scrollsaw is on the left just out of view.

I have salvaged corrugated tin, I'm thinking of using it like wainscoting on the lower part of the wall below the windows and putting barn wood on the top part. If I have enough tin I might put it on the ceiling too. I saw that done at the Hideaway Ranch and Retreat headquarters building. Very cool.

After the hurricane my daughter's friends came to visit awhile. These awesome Montana guy's did alot of work on the barn while they were here. Sam Darling called it the "BAR'n because of the pool table and dart board. We had so much fun out here.
Randy Micheals singing 
Frank Long entertained us us too.... That must be Randy's guitar, Frank's was electric and he sat out there and played all by himself all the time. Passionate about his music but always considerate, he turned his amp and speakers out the back. A few months after they left we heard him playing from the barn. Sure sounded like him! We went out back and could here someone from a house way behind us was playing Frank's favorite opening tune. Seemed like they kept pausing, hoping to hear him play back. It went on 3 days and stopped.
They put all the siding on it, and in fact collected alot of it too.

See it as of April 2012! Barn Loft Guest Apt